Where it all began…

Our home started out as a 2-bedroom cabin, the only house in the area.

Back of original house

After the 49-er fire blew through in 1988 (the house was spared), the man who owned it sold to a developer. The developer added on to the house – family room, garage, master bedroom & bath – and changed the layout of the kitchen/living room.

Front of house after additions
Back of house after additions

He also built a small building for a sales office, what we now call our guest house.

Looking over the pond to the guest house

When the developer sold the place, the next owner built the shop.

Shop & small shed

At some point, loafing sheds and other sheds were added, too.

Large shed
Rear loafing shed

We chose to purchase this property, even though it was in rough shape, because of the fair amount of level land, the existing garden area/orchard, the single-story home, and the guest house and shop. All things we’d dreamed about for years.

So, we looked beyond the rotting siding and trim, the dated paint color and the overgrown landscaping, and got right to work on making it our own.

Three years later, we’re still working on it!

Next time, we’ll show how the inside looked when we purchased the house.

See you back here soon,


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