What Have We Done?

When we purchased our home, we knew it had a lot of problems. A LOT of problems! The home inspection report listed many of them, but we discovered more on our own when we moved in: Leaks under every sink, wires sticking out of holes in walls (some 6 feet up the wall), electrical outlets in random places, and an irrigation wiring nightmare (we’re still figuring this one out 3 years later) are just a few examples.

What the ?

This didn’t include the fact that the house was stuck in a previous decade: Mauve and green, floral kitchen and bath tiles, gold-tone light fixtures (mostly broken) and ceiling fans, and gold-tone faucets.

Living Room Before
Kitchen Before – with mauve tiles

The stove was at the end of the big counter in the kitchen, right where someone could lean their hand on it. The oven/microwave was falling out of the cabinet; we had to be careful to not open it too quickly or too far.

Kitchen Before – see the stove (and Larry)?

Mice had taken up residency under the kitchen and front bathroom sink areas. When the heating system went in, the builders left huge, gaping holes for critters to easily travel from outside to the warm underbelly of the vanities. The front bath didn’t have a heater vent exposed anymore – it ran directly under the cabinet.

Front Bath Before – lots of green and gold

One of the bedrooms had 25-year-old carpet, as did all the closets. The vinyl flooring in the front bathroom was outdated and rotten. The master bathroom had 3 different types of flooring, with the hardwood flooring running perpendicular to the hardwood in the rest of the house.

Master Bath – more green and gold

We started wondering if we’d gotten in over our heads.

We began replacing door handles and locks, removing broken light fixtures, painting walls and ceilings, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning – before we even moved in!

Then we lived here without a fully-functional kitchen for about 6 months.

Kitchen During – at least we had a refrigerator!

It’s been a long, slow process, but the inside is mostly done. We plan on remodeling the shower areas of both bathrooms sometime in the future. And we should probably paint the trim around all the windows and doors – a chore we’ve been putting off – someday.

Please come back and visit to see what we’ve done to fix up the inside. Warning: You won’t see typical farmhouse white throughout!

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