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Cycling Toward Fall

Recently, one of our larger projects has been rearranging sheds and clearing out some of our unused items.

Where we live there are no sidewalks, no bike lanes, and lots of hills. So, the bicycles we used to ride around suburbia are not very practical. We decided to sell them; only problem – one of them is broken. Luckily, the one that’s broken has the nicest colors!

I’d been wanting to make a bicycle planter for the yard for some time, so this was the perfect opportunity. I convinced Larry that we needed to take a short break from the big projects and have a little fun.

First thing, we removed the cables, brakes and gear shifter; they were unsightly. Then, a pair of cowboy boots, purchased at a yard sale, were screwed onto the pedals to become planters.

We used plumber’s tape and more screws to keep the boots upright once they were filled with flowers.

We placed the bicycle where we wanted it, and Larry bent a piece of rebar in half and put it through the center of the bike and hammered it into the ground.

Three sets of solar fairy lights were wrapped around the bicycle wheels, frame and handlebars. Two of the solar panels are in the ground, and the 3rd is placed on the front basket, just like a reflector would be.

Bicycle baskets were placed on the front and back, making 2 more planters.

I cut a piece of burlap to fit inside each basket, with a little extra to stick out at the top.

Then I cut a piece of foam to fit in the bottom of each basket and each boot.

Last step – arranging flowers.

Our chicken, Lola, who has been separated from the rest of the chickens for her safety, decided to hang out with me!

And it’s done.

It looks so colorful and cheerful in the front yard.

And the lights are a nice touch at night.

A fun addition to our eclectic yard – cycling toward Fall.


  • Amor Y Traceski

    Soooooo pretty! I also agree with Yvonne on the different themes! So many creative possibilities … so much FUN! 😀

  • Yvonne

    Love the lights at night, too…..keeps that “festive” feeling of the coming season alive, even when the sun is down. (And by the way, love the big rooster at the side of the yard.) Another thought came to mind too. Remember the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz? There was a scene in there where she’s riding a bike past the window when Dorothy and the house were twirling in the air. I don’t think she was dressed like a witch right then, but she sure looked like one. Made me think you could put one on the seat for Halloween.

    • MW

      Good idea! We were talking about whether we should put ‘someone’ on the bike for Halloween, and maybe even Christmas. Although, it might scare the bejeezus out of us if we looked out our bedroom window at night!

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