In the Kitchen,  Repurposing

Dresser to Table Repurpose

One of the first things we noticed when our kitchen was complete, as we were finally unloading our kitchen boxes, is that there is considerably less cabinet space for all of our kitchen ‘stuff’ here than in our last home. We needed more storage without adding cabinets.

While browsing a consignment store with my mom, I spotted a really cool dresser with a rustic look. I purchased the dresser, and several weeks later brought it home.

We didn’t get clever with the finish on the dresser – it was great just the way it was. It just needed a good cleaning.

The height was perfect for a ‘bar’ table. Larry built a table top for it that extended out 1″ from each side and the front, and 15″ out the back. Just enough room for someone to sit there comfortably.

He added recessed holes on the front side for carriage bolts. Then the top was sanded and stained.

The marks on the wood drove Larry crazy, but I asked him to keep it ‘rough’. I like things better that way!

The final step on the top was to give it a few coats of clear. We wanted to be able to really use the table and not worry about ruining the finish.

We had some shelf brackets left over from a lighting project (Shelf Bracket Lighting) and used them on the back side to mount the top to the dresser. Between the carriage bolts in the front and the brackets in the back, the top isn’t going anywhere!

I use the dresser drawers for storing baking and cake decorating supplies/tools and barbecue tools.

We now have extra seating when needed, and we keep jars of drink mixes and snacks on top, along with our cookbook stand and my current favorite cookbook!

Hunting for items to fill a need is lots of fun and we find joy in the process of repurposing. Please keep checking back for more repurposed projects – bunny hutches, scrapbooking tables, and more. Thanks for visiting!


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