Life on a Mini Farm

Nature’s Beauty

Getting outside and enjoying the beauty of nature is a great antidote for stress and overwhelm.

This morning I decided it was time to enjoy some of the beauty here at home to offset all of the negative news about politics, Coronavirus, weather, etc.

I took a walk around the property, taking pictures, and went through photos from the last few years.

Here are some of my favorites. I hope they bring a bit of sunshine to you, too.

In February of 2018, we had snow! It doesn’t happen often.

This little hummingbird didn’t let the snow bother him.

This rose with a background of snow – love it.

This fox came to our yard a couple of years ago. It may be the same one who brought her little family to our culvert last year. She wasn’t very shy!

Flower bed in front of the guest house. I love the mix of flowers and ‘mess’. No manicured lawn or flower beds for us!

Dogwood tree by the front pastures.

We have a resident hawk. So majestic, and he helps keep the ground squirrel and mouse population down.


There are several Hydrangea bushes of varying types in our yard. This one is huge!

This moth was on one of our oaks. Not a great photo, because I didn’t want to get too close and scare him away, but isn’t he cool?

Lots of roses.

Each year, a new type of flower pops up from a bulb. It’s a wonderful surprise!

We found this wasp nest in one of our trees.

The orchard.

This garden spider created the most amazing web we have ever seen.

Photos don’t do the web justice.

Dandelions are HUGE here!

Aren’t these fluffy ones just gorgeous?

This little bee…

Thanks for taking a nature ‘hike’ with me! See you back here soon with another project.


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