Life on a Mini Farm,  Repurposing

Bunny Abode

It’s been hard to wrap our heads around what our world is going through right now. It is a challenge to not let anxiety take over.

We are lucky that Larry is able to work from home. College classes for Amber are postponed, and we are sheltering in place. Altogether, not much has changed for myself and Darcy, since I work from home and she is homeschooled.

When not clearing brush, weeding, mowing, and maintaining our acreage, we’ve been working on our vehicles, watching movies, playing badminton (with our very old, very tired set!), riding Larry’s hot-rod golf cart (in-progress), and playing board games. Togetherness and silliness have become a priority to maintain sanity.

Since Easter is fast-approaching, I’m sharing a bunny project we completed a couple of years ago. The photo quality isn’t top-notch, but I think you’ll get the drift!

When we were house hunting and then waiting for our place to close escrow, we stayed at my Mom and Step-Dad’s home. One day, around Christmas, Darcy came in and said she’d found a bunny in the yard. Sure enough, there was a cute little black bunny just hopping around. We posted about the little guy, but no one claimed him. After a clean bill of health from a local veterinarian, we decided she could keep him. She named him Boomer.

Of course, she soon decided Boomer needed a friend. So, Larry and Darcy went to the SPCA in Sacramento, and came home with a new bunny she named Hagar (as in Sammy Hagar).

Unfortunately, Hagar doesn’t like to play nice, so the bunny boys have to be kept separated. We put them inside one of the sheds with boxes to hide under and climb on, and wire fencing to keep them in and separated. They could see each other, but not engage in bunny warfare!

This set-up was a mess. So, we decided to fashion a bunny hutch from an inexpensive entertainment center we found for sale online.

We cut holes in the unit, so each little guy could travel over and up on his own side.

Larry drilled pilot holes, then used the Sawzall to cut the openings.

Perches were added for them to sit on.

We created ramps to assist them in getting through the holes in the ‘ceiling’ to get to their upper levels

Darcy removed the glass from the doors and replaced it with hardware cloth.

Then reinforced the hardware cloth with strips of wood around the doors.

We added a divider with a hardware cloth window in the center of the large opening to keep the little buggers separated, but able to see each other.

Finally, we added their names in vinyl and put the hutch in the shed.

A stylish abode for two spoiled bunnies!

We’ll be back soon with one of our recent shed projects. In the meantime, please stay safe!


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