Life on a Mini Farm

4-Legged Family

Today I thought I’d share some photos of our beloved pooches, Layla and Pixie. We will return to a project post next time.

Going for a car ride

Pixie, aka Pixie Poodle, Pixel, Pixelator, Little One

Hello Human!
Lipstick kiss from Darcy!
Tutu cute!
Darcy made Pixie a fancy collar
What happens when you turn your back while doing dishes!
Pixie with Boomer
Our little bumblebee at Halloween
Nap time with Amber

Layla, aka Boo Boo, Biggen, Grand-dogger. She even has her own song by Eric Clapton – ha!

She likes sticks!
And footballs!
And squirrels!
Darcy likes to dress her up
Helping dig a trench for gas line!
Nap time
With her best girl, Darcy

We hope these photos bring a bit of sunshine to your day. Sending virtual hugs and positive thoughts to everyone.


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