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Back at Last – We’re Missourians!

It’s so embarrassing that there haven’t been any new posts since we moved in 2021!  The last 2+ years have flown by, and they’ve been a bit drama-filled.  Here’s a list of some of what’s happened since leaving California in May 2021. We’ll just get it all out of the way so we can get back to sharing the good stuff – crafts, remodeling, repurposing and recipes.

May 2021: We loaded up 2 vehicles, a travel trailer, a utility trailer, 5 adults (one pregnant), and 2 dogs and hit the road. We left northern CA and stopped in central CA for a quick visit with family and friends. At the end of May we headed east, dodging severe storms, and looked for a place to ‘land’. 5 days later, we ended up in central Missouri. We lived in RV parks while Larry worked from the trailer and the ‘kids’ and I looked for a new home.

June 2021: We found one! There weren’t many homes to choose from, but when we saw the beautiful property and learned that the house was built like a tank, we decided this was the place for tornado-fearing CA transplants to live! I mean, look at this view!

July 2021: We moved into our new home in the country. 2 weeks later, our beautiful granddaughter was born! We started working on the inside of the house right away – paint, fixtures, etc.

August 2021: We continued to work on the house. Larry and the 2 oldest kids flew out west, picked up 3 moving trucks and a car trailer in Nevada, then drove to northern CA to load the trucks in heavy smoke. CA and NV were on fire. Our (ex)neighbor from CA helped load the trucks from our 3 storage units. My step-dad joined Larry and the kids, and they drove all 3 trucks to Missouri in 4 days.

When they arrived, we had 1-1/2 days to unload the trucks before having to return them.

September 2021: Larry had an accident and was thrown from his ‘hot-rod’ golf cart, the Cluckbuggy. His head landed 1/4-inch from a metal rod in the ground that would have killed him. He was lucky and *only* had a broken back, concussion, a biceps rupture (Popeye muscle), staples in his head, and abrasions all over from the barbed wire fence he flew through. The upside: we met all the emergency personnel in our new little town.

The accident was caused by an unfamiliarity with the terrain and a slip of his foot. (The seat flew over his head during the accident, and had been placed in the dump bed before this photo was taken.) The throttle has since been adjusted, and the cart just creeps along for now. He hopes to make it a hot-rod again someday, but after the seat is improved and seatbelts and a roll-bar are added.

Also in September, Darcy’s divorce became complicated and we began a year-long battle for her to gain full custody of our granddaughter. Callie, with bedside assistance from Larry, began building a bedroom and bath in the basement. Luckily, Amber and Callie had learned to use the tractor, so they were able to keep up on the property a bit, too.

Winter 2021: Larry recovered enough to help Callie finish the basement bedroom and bath, in a limited capacity.

2022: Amber moved out in July, Callie in October. Our granddaughter turned 1! The divorce and custody case was finally resolved, and Darcy was awarded full custody.

2023: Larry and I added a living area and kitchenette in the basement. One of Larry’s brothers died unexpectedly. Amber got married. Callie got married. Amber gave birth to our handsome grandson!

The past couple of years have brought their fair share of stressful life changes and, unfortunately, I’ve felt the effects. I’m determined to get back on here and be more consistent with blog posts and shares, though. We have been making improvements on both the house and property consistently since we moved in, and we’ll be sharing some of those projects in future posts.

Thank you for checking in. See you back here soon!


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