Remodeling Begins…

As soon as we moved into our new home, the remodeling began. No time to waste since we had a grand baby on the way.

The owner/builder worked for a commercial contractor, so the ‘bones’ of the house are over-built – steel beams and concrete. But, a finish contractor he was not.

The first thing we did, after a good cleaning of the whole place, was remove the crown molding ‘baseboard’.  And then we had to clean the floor again because crown molding holds all the bugs and dust – but I digress.

Next up – paint!  Since everything was grey – and I mean EVERYTHING – painting was important.  We chose a buttercream color for all of the main walls.  Our paint of choice for years is Behr eggshell in living areas as we’ve always had great luck with coverage and durability.  We painted the walls and ceilings the same color; it makes the area feel larger somehow.

We ordered new window coverings right away and replaced all the existing grey curtains with shades and new curtains and valances.  The paint and new window coverings really brightened up the place!

Living Room before
Living Room Before: Crown molding baseboards and grey doors, walls and curtains.
Also, no banister!
New paint and window coverings. Baseboards are on the schedule for this year.

Then we moved on to safety issues: Putting in a banister on the stairs to the upper level and building a half-wall where the master floor met the top of the stairs. Larry and Callie built the railing using wood left by the previous owner and metal balusters and a newel post purchased at Menards.

Wall painting in progress and pondering the banister installation.
Wall painting complete and banister is in!

Prior to Larry building the half-wall, there was just a 2-foot drop-off from the master bedroom floor to the stairs.  That would have been quite a surprise in the middle of the night!

Drop off from upper level floor to stairs!
Temporary half-wall extended so we don’t fall off into the abyss!

In the kitchen, we replaced all the appliances, faucets and light fixtures; most important – changing out the electric stove for a gas one.  We also added slide-out shelves in the pantry cupboard and lower cupboards, and soft-close hinges on all cupboard doors. 

There are still some things we’d like to improve in the kitchen, like making the island smaller and moving it out from the other counter a bit to give more walking room, and replacing the countertops.  Yet we’re happy with the changes we’ve made – it’s a much cozier space now.

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After

This home has taken longer than our past homes to redo, and we’re STILL working on it almost 3 years later. We have a good excuse – we’re taking time to enjoy our grandchildren! We’ll share the main level bedroom, bath and ½ bath improvements next time. 

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