Kite Flying and Remodel Reminiscing

We took a day off from working and taught our granddaughter how to fly a kite. She’s 2, and smart as heck, and she caught on quickly!

Then back to mowing, weed-eating, daily chores, and remembering the changes we made in our home.

Looking back, it’s hard to imagine we completed the amount we did in such a short period of time. Our daughter was pregnant and due just weeks after closing on the house, so the first priority was to get the main level bedroom and bath done. This would be her and the baby’s room.

The bath off the bedroom had mismatched cabinets and countertops and looked thrown together.

We removed everything in the room and painted the walls a light blue-green. All bathrooms on the main and upper levels are the same color.

Next, we installed a new vanity, faucet, toilet, and wall mirror. We replaced the toilet with a comfort-height one. We’ve discovered that comfort-height toilets are, well, the most comfortable! Especially as you get older. The shower curtain rod was replaced with a rounded one. It makes a huge difference in showering comfort in standard showers. Surprisingly, we liked the existing light fixture, so we kept it. This room had crown molding baseboards, like the rest of the house. We plan to install tile baseboards in this room this summer.

The bedroom before was a bit bland:

We painted the walls the same color as the main living area, and replaced the ceiling fan and curtains. And, just in the last couple of months, painted the doors white – what a difference!

This bedroom also functions as a main-level playroom.

The main level half-bath is just inside the door between the kitchen and garage. Before we changed it up:

New paint, toilet, vanity, faucet, light fixture, and window coverings.

Our home won’t win any awards or be featured in any magazines. Every inch is utilized, and you will see ‘kid stuff’ and family heirlooms in almost every direction you look!

We’ve been asked to share a bit about some of the items we decorate with, so next time we’ll take a break from the ‘work’ and share a bit about our eclectic collection.

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  • Patti @ Pandora's Box

    Hi – its my first visit but your transformations are amazing!! Well done! You asked about the square, glass beverage bottles on my pink tablesetting, I bought them at Hobby Lobby and they came in a variety of colors. Thanks for stopping by

    • MW

      Wow – I’m honored you visited my blog! I have been reading your blog for years now. Thanks for your comment, and for the info. on the glasses.

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